The future is like now



A dystopian cyber-punk RPG in many parts

New to Kickstarter: Banality is a role playing game, focused on improvisation and collaborative story telling. The game is elaborated in many parts called ‘modules’. In this Kickstarter campaign, we aim to deliver the first five of these modules.

M1 (module one) provides the player with the games core mechanics and premise. It is two hundred years from now and the future is pretty much like now. Technology permeates every facet of your civilisations and with it comes the invasive alien intelligence MALIS.

When the government make one last ditch effort to claw power back from MALIS the servant-now-master, this spiral out of control in a instant. Everyone who isn’t already jacked into the neural-net is forced online and those that resist are fair game.

In this micro-rpg players are invited to use the room, building and city they are in as the reference material for the game. Pull out the plan for your house, a map of the town and enjoy an instant, familiar and immersive setting.

If you can survive the first 24 hours of the uprising you might have what it takes to rescue humanity, but only time will tell.