The Asphodel Complex - Kickstarter U5 (58% Funded)


We are tracking nicely to our goal for The Asphodel Complex and as promised I have another game to announce for Backers of that campaign.

It is a Micro-rpg called Banality, a romp through our dystopian cyberpunk future.

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The world has gone insane

Attempts to block access to the Neuralnet have prompted violent protests. The Government is on the brink of loosing control. The Neuralnet was a trap all along, those still jacked into it are nothing more than avatars for the strange entity that lives inside, the alien intelligence known as MALIS.

The future is like now

Look around you, this is your environment. The maps for this game are based on the room, building and city that you occupy. If you run this game in your studio apartment, then draw a map of your apartment, that is your environment for the play session.

Get Jacked or Die

You and your crew are already taking cover from the riots that have been raging for a week. Suddenly alarms from every terminal in your vicinity begin to sound. A cold distorted voice instructs all those not already jacked into the Neuralnet to submit and connect, the extirpation of the Luddites has begun.

Surviving The Fall

The object of this game is to survive the first 24 hours of what would become known as The Fall. One of the bloodiest episodes in future history, survivors of The Fall live long enough to be rounded up by MALIS' Jacked and driven out into the countryside.

If you haven’t taken a look at the campaign, you can get this game and more for as little as $5 AUD.


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