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SAM Risoval Creature Artist

We asked SAM to give a short comment on how he enjoyed working on the Asphodel Complex project.

For my part working with SAM was a delight and I was blown away with his ability to turn our very sparse briefs into dark evocative nightmares. Go check out his work here artstation | instagram | patreon

please enjoy, Tom (Team Warp)


SAM Risoval

Firstly, I want to express my respect to Tom for giving me the opportunity to arrange this horror book. As part of this project, I was interested in exploring new opportunities for self-expression — through the search for space and tools to influence the subconscious with visual fears. It seems to me that I was able to successfully apply my new technique.

Everything that you see is painted with brushes, I did not apply any tricks, this is honest drawing, a couple of works are even painted with ink. I actively used the glitch effect, and various distortion methods, by mixing the planes with lines, creating the effects of illusions, psychedelics and unreality of space and locations. All this seems to me, to give my illustrations an organic originality. I tried very hard and I put my heart and soul into my time on this project.

I hope you appreciate it. Thanks to all! I think these works can be applied as an example of the use of my technique and the last ink drawn:

This was created entirely in ink:

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