Our Values

Fun not money is the driving force behind Warp Games and it should be evident in everything we do.

Remember your roots because we remember where it all started, as children at play, with out friends, our family and alone with just our imaginations.

Dare to create, because doing great things takes courage.

Creativity compels us to strive to do things in our own way, without the need to draw reference to others.


in house Projects

The Asphodel Complex is a horror themed table top role playing game.

The Founding is a board game inspired by heroic adventure games, contained within the gritty Ascendant Space setting.

Warped Wrestling a fun, simple professional wrestling themed tabletop game.

Banality is a serialized comic book set in our dystopian future



Warp is always on the lookout for new writers, editors, and projects. So if you are an author, comic book creator, visual artist or game designer looking to contribute to an existing title or to get your work published then you are welcome to please contact us.

If you just want to help out, no problem contact thomas.obeirne@warpgames.com.au

If you’d like assistance publishing your work then check out the guidance below:-

Making your submission:

  1. Use the submission form here

  2. If we are interested we will schedule a pitch meeting

  3. Your will be asked to pitch your project in person or via video conference

  4. We will give you immediate feedback

What comes next:

  1. If we don’t feel the project is a fit you will be told

  2. For projects that are a good fit for Warp you will be offered a contract

  3. Your project will be given a crowd funding target that you’ll need to hit

  4. If your project fails to meet the target, the contract will dissolve

  5. If you meet the target Warp will subsidize the balance of your investment costs taking that share as equity in the final product

What we are looking for:

  1. Projects with production cost between $5,000 - $20,000 AUD

  2. Preferably Australia, New Zealand based or any other common law country

  3. We are looking to support people taking risks to address their chosen mediums in fresh, new and mature ways

  4. Your projects need to have a physical prototype ready to be considered, we will not consider, review, read or otherwise entertain purely conceptual or notional submissions