The Asphodel Complex (PDF)

The Asphodel Complex (PDF)


Release date: April 2020
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This is a game for Game Masters of any experience level, designed to be accessible to players who may be entirely unfamiliar with Table Top Role Playing Games. Character creation is optional and should take no longer than five minutes. Character progression is commodity-based, meaning there is no need to track or accrue experience points or comprehend sprawling research trees. Instead you become more capable by purchasing or collecting objects from your environment. 

After a cursory read through the rule-set, you could start a game session with another player without them needing to understand the mechanics of the game at all. The dreamlike nature of the setting lends itself to learning and discovery through play.

‘Dreamlike’ is a term that belies the propensity for this game to digress into something terrifying and nightmarish. The environments you will explore within the Asphodel Complex are often common place despite being uncanny - environments that become more clearly simulacra the longer you consider them and more frightening and odd the closer you press and test them. 

Players must take their characters on a quest searching for an escape from the Asphodel Complex, or they will remain trapped in an endless cycle of dreams inter-cut with lucid interludes and terrible horrors. 

Please note that this game contains some mature content.  

Insanely Detailed Environments

Each adventure is accompanied by a map. This map will depict many of the points of interest Player’s may encounter throughout the environment, but not everything. For a comprehensive description of the environment, you will need to make reference to the Environment Descriptions. 

Apartment A


Apartment B

A Sentient Environment

The built spaces are not to be underestimated, for the most part they are the Greek chorus that foreshadows and speculates on the state of the narrative. If a passageway is blocked, feel relief at having been protected from an untimely demise. On the other hand, sometimes a bizarre and shocking observation may seem to be a warning but will pan out to mean nothing at all. These red herrings help to keep the walls entertained for although these places are mostly silent witnesses, it is important to emphasis mostly silent witnesses. Unfortunately, in the Asphodel Complex when these relatively mundane things are overshadowed by the wild and fantastical, they can often devolve into twisted situations where the setting will want to usurp the position of plot and main characters. The best thing to do is simply focus attention away like one would a child and also recognize that each setting acts and reacts differently, some are more benign and integrated as is the Greek chorus of Sophocles and others biased and meandering as in the plays of Euripides. Mostly, the best course of action is to allow the flow of the setting to wash over as constant vigilance can shift focus away from the overall narrative. Be sure not to play into the hands of the space.

Encounter Thirty Unique Nightmare Creatures

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